Achieving page one SERPs for long-tail keywords

The opportunity: A B2B software company drove most of its site traffic through organic search and wanted to rank well for long-tail keywords.
Historically, the company had marketing staff that specialized in SEO and SEM.

The solution: The company optimized each page for a different keyword.
As I wrote and published new pages, I paid close attention to SEO and worked with the SEO specialist to make sure I was adhering to the finer points.

The results: I was able to achieve page one SERPs for new keywords.
When the SEO specialist moved on to a new company and wasn’t replaced, I was still able to achieve page one SERPs for new long-tail keywords. Continue reading

Doubling traffic to lead-generation landing pages

The problem: Content-marketing assets were buried on a software company’s website and received very little traffic.
One small link on the company’s home page led to its Resource Library.

The solution: As part of a complete relaunch of the corporate site, I made the Resource Library more visible and attractive.
Prominent home-page, sidebar, login-screen and navigation elements drive traffic to content-marketing assets.

The results: Average daily visits to lead-generation landing pages more than doubled after the site relaunch. Continue reading