Driving 23 percent response from direct mail and microsite campaign

The opportunity: A B2B software company wanted to go after a new industry vertical.
The outbound sales team relied primarily on cold-calling to industry lists and needed some way to take the prospects from ice cold to warm.

The solution: Marketing ran a direct mail and microsite campaign to open doors.
The purpose was to get prospects’ attention and give Sales an interesting way to start the conversation.

The results: The campaign achieved a 23 percent response rate – more than 10 times higher than industry averages*.
Twenty percent became warm leads, giving Sales a way to prioritize their cold calls. Continue reading

Creating compelling case studies that drive leads

The problem: Company’s existing case studies were cookie-cutter.
A provider of cloud-collaboration software had built a large library of quick-read case studies. However, the case studies didn’t tell memorable stories and were interchangeable.

The solution: I created in-depth, magazine-style case studies that made the client the hero (not the product).
I set out to create case studies that read like articles in trade publications – and that would serve as a resume showpiece for the featured customer.

The results: The Sales team loved the new format and shared the case studies extensively with prospects.
The first case study in the new format received more than 800 downloads in its first eight months. Continue reading

Helping Sales penetrate a top-three advertising holding company

The opportunity: The VP of Sales secured a global procurement contract with one of the top three advertising holding companies.
This contract prenegotiated sales terms and offered discounted pricing to any of the company’s subsidiary advertising agencies. Sales needed to penetrate individual subsidiaries to close deals.

The marketing program: I launched a giveaway that generated product interest and immediately passed leads to Sales.
Advertising-agency employees could enter to win an iPad of Lytro camera in exchange for watching a product video. Prospects received follow-up nurture emails, and sophisticated automation rules alerted Sales if prospects exhibited buying behaviors.

The results: Sales closed multiple deals.
In the first six months after the procurement contract was signed, Marketing delivered more than 100 leads. Sales signed new agreements with a handful of subsidiary agencies and upsold an existing customer. Continue reading