Acquiring new content-marketing prospects

The problem: Content-marketing assets weren’t driving enough traffic and converting enough new prospects.
A B2B software company had a decent library of educational content, but email, SEO and word of mouth alone weren’t enough to drive traffic. The assets weren’t reaching a high volume of new prospects.

The solution: I ran an advertising campaign to promote a new asset.
I tested a range of publishers and marketing tactics, methodically tracking ROI metrics. I performed multivariate testing on landing pages to determine the best converter, and I instituted drip nurturing to help drive sales-ready leads.

The results: The company gained as many new prospects from content marketing in one quarter as it had previously acquired in the prior year.
Of people who filled out a landing-page form, 95 percent were new prospects and 61 percent were from the company’s desired industry vertical.

The details: Here’s how I managed all facets of the promotional campaign.
The head of marketing performed an industry survey and turned the findings into an infographic and a full report. I took on the task of promoting it so that it could reach a much wider audience than our usual content-marketing assets.

I sent out an email blast to survey respondents who had requested a copy of the findings. Although they were given links to both the infographic and the full report,  recipients clicked through to the infographic at a much higher rate than they downloaded the full report.

Armed with these findings, I decided to focus my promotional efforts on the infographic. I negotiated rates and promoted the infographic in nine different vehicles, including text ads, banner ads, B2B lead-generation services, email newsletters, industry blogs and a third-party dedicated email blast.

I tracked the performance of each advertising vehicle, reporting on cost per click, cost per conversion, cost per lead and a variety of other metrics.

I  performed multivariate testing to find the landing page headline, form length and content that would get the most conversions.
Multivariate testing - landing page winner

I created a three-touch email nurture campaign to encourage new prospects to download additional content, watch a product-tour video and contact Sales.
Email nurturing drip

The promotional campaign netted more new content-marketing prospects in one quarter than the company had generated in the entire 12 months prior to the campaign. It also provided insights into which publishers and types of advertising worked for us, and which didn’t.

Visitor-to-MQL conversion funnel

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