Wowing the crowd at a marketing-automation user conference

The opportunity: I wanted to share my knowledge with fellow users at Pardot’s Elevate 2012 user conference
In less than a year, I went from a complete novice to a power user of the Pardot marketing-automation platform. I solved several tough issues for my company, and wanted to share my hard-fought knowledge with fellow users. I answered a call for session abstracts, and my pitch was accepted.

The speech: 911! How to fix common marketing-automation mistakes
My goal was to create the kind of session that I would actually want to sit through. What kind of information might have helped me when I first started using the platform? What lessons had I learned along the way? What problems could have been prevented?

The results: I gave one of the most buzzed-about sessions at the conference (and made a lot of new marketing buddies).
Attendance was high – standing room only. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. My slides were viewed or downloaded by more than 100 visitors to my personal file-sharing account. And the buzz was so great, it reached the CEO of Pardot, who personally congratulated me on my presentation the next day.

Download slides

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