Helping Sales penetrate a top-three advertising holding company

The opportunity: The VP of Sales secured a global procurement contract with one of the top three advertising holding companies.
This contract prenegotiated sales terms and offered discounted pricing to any of the company’s subsidiary advertising agencies. Sales needed to penetrate individual subsidiaries to close deals.

The marketing program: I launched a giveaway that generated product interest and immediately passed leads to Sales.
Advertising-agency employees could enter to win an iPad of Lytro camera in exchange for watching a product video. Prospects received follow-up nurture emails, and sophisticated automation rules alerted Sales if prospects exhibited buying behaviors.

The results: Sales closed multiple deals.
In the first six months after the procurement contract was signed, Marketing delivered more than 100 leads. Sales signed new agreements with a handful of subsidiary agencies and upsold an existing customer.

The details: How I used marketing automation to manage the program.
We wanted to send an email to any subsidiary-agency employee in our database. In addition to downloading a list from our CRM system, I also set up an automation rule that searched our marketing-automation database for subsidiary-agency domain names. I uncovered hundreds of additional prospects that otherwise would have remained hidden.
automation rule - find prospects

We sent a personalized email that looked like it came from individual sales reps to drive agency employees to the contest landing page.
email blast 1

The landing page featured an embedded YouTube video. Marketing-automation tracking code allowed us to see which prospects had viewed the video and which had not.Contest landing page

We were then able to segment contest participants into two groups: those who watched the video and those who didn’t.automation rule-valid contest entry

Depending on whether or not they had watched the video, all prospects were sent one of two emails.Two drip emails

A series of sophisticated automation rules tracked prospect activity over time. Those who watched the video, browsed the website, signed up for a free trial of our software or engaged in other buying behaviors were passed to Sales.trial-notification

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